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Helping You and Your Horse
Find Your Best Selves

Welcome to Arete Holistic Horsemanship

Arete: [ah-reh-tay]  A Greek philosophy of excellence that embodies the pursuit of reaching our unique and fullest potential, and becoming our best selves.


Hi. I'm Sally and thanks for visiting :)

I'm a Holistic Horse Trainer and my intention always is to help horses find their inner shine. Regardless of their story or any labels acquired, I provide each horse, young or old, with patience, support, and an approach that is unique to them and their situation. I truly believe that every horse possesses a beauty and inner greatness for us to nurture and help reveal.

Foundational Horse Training with Heart

Starting, restarting, gentling, expanding into more.... 

Whatever the 'goal' is, I believe that relationship building is where it all starts.  'Conversations' on the ground through training delivered with empathy, and a deep understanding of the language of horse, build a resilient foundation for our equine partnerships.

Holistic Horsemanship

Holistic methods empower both the horse and human to thrive and consider the whole horse (mind | body | spirit), the person, and the whole situation (environment, herd dynamics, etc) in its approach. This fosters a dynamic of greater comfort, ease, trust, and shared joy with our horses.


My focus within Holistic Horsemanship

  • Natural, at Liberty and Positive horse training methods

  • Energy Work releasing trapped emotions and tension

  • Mindfulness practices to deepen our connections

  • Empathic Leadership & Holistic Harmony

Ways I Can Help

  • Website - Learn and Discover more throughout this site

  • Facebook - Connect with like-minded individuals in our new community :)   

  • YouTube - Gain valuable insights from Arete’s NEW YouTube channel, offering Holistic Horse Training and Personal Development videos, to help with finding Arete and inner calm for both ourselves and our horses

  • Mobile Horse Training For those in the Minneapolis - St Paul MN surrounding areas, I bring holistic training services to you!

    •  Whether you're facing challenges and need help problem-solving, are seeking to deepen your connection/have fun learning more, colt-starting, or rehabbing a rescue, know that you don't have to navigate this alone. I can help and as a Traveling Horse Trainer & Coach, I come to your location. There are no added stresses of trailering your horse, worrying about extra costs of boarding fees, or being concerned about their well-being while away from you. Your horse can thrive and learn in the comfort and familiarity of their own environment.



"I thought I had the 'impossible to load horse', until I met Sally.
Sally is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also very intuitive in working with the individual horse in front of her..."


"My hope is to help shape our view of horses, of animals, to be one held with utmost respect and dignity, valuing their sentient nature and learning the language they speak. Empowering greater connection and understanding between us, building better relationships, and finding our best selves together."

~ Sally

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