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Giving Back

What is closest to my heart is donating my time and expertise, to help rescue horses along their journey of moving away from trauma and into trust. Giving them a voice to be heard, the patience to be understood, and the guidance and support to peel back the layers and let them shine their brightest.

I've helped as I could over the years, and I look forward to helping even more of our rescue equines needing extra attention and care. I invite you to join their journeys, as I share highlights and more of these experiences on Arete's New YouTube channel.


Thank you to all the horse rescue efforts, organizations, and people committed to making a difference for animal welfare. You are gifts beyond measure! Here are two such examples I'd like to give special mention to ~

American Horse Rescue Network   The founder, Daryl, is an incredible man and through his dedication and work, this network's programs and their support of others have and continue to help many horses and people.

Abiding Sunday    Johanne is a wonderful soul and is the founder of this broodmare retirement and sanctuary. She has done so much to give these beautiful mares a beautiful to live out their days with dignity and joy. 

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