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About Sally

Holistic Horse Trainer and Coach, Sally Devlin

The first horse I owned was the first horse I trained, and I've been hooked ever since.  That was 25 years ago, and he's with me still at the beautiful age of 26. My dear Romulus taught me so much and inspired my path of training.   

Over the years, I've been inherently drawn to helping troubled horses and resolving issues.  My natural ability to read and understand horses' emotions, along with their unique wants and needs, has enabled me to get to the core of challenging situations.  I've worked with young colts, older horses, and everything in between.  My goal is always to establish/re-establish foundations rooted in compassion, cooperation, and leadership.


In addition to working with horses, I've had the pleasure of teaching natural and connected horsemanship to both children and adults, mentoring them on their journey. I've loved watching the progression they make in confidence and skills, but mostly I love witnessing the joy experienced as they build strong and loving relationships with horses.  

I'm passionate about learning and have gained much horse training wisdom and inspiration from numerous accomplished clinicians over the years. To me, learning and expanding oneself is a lifelong endeavor.  I'm grateful for all who have and do share their knowledge in the horse world, and I am inspired to humbly share mine.

Holistically my knowledge also runs deep. I’ve immersed myself in studying many approaches that support our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.  I'm a Level 3 Reiki Guide and a graduate of the Yoga Center of Minneapolis's Teacher Training Program. I regularly practice mindfulness and energy work techniques.


My genuine love for learning, combined with insights gained from my own horse training and wellness experiences, have enriched my ability to find individualized solutions for our horses, and ourselves. I invite you to learn more about my training through my website, new YouTube Channel, and Facebook page. If you feel that I would be a good match to assist you in realizing your goals on your horse journey, please don't hesitate to reach out to schedule a session—I'd be delighted to help.


Wishing you the brightest journey,

~ Sally

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