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Methods & Approach

Connection-First Foundation Training

& Holistic Harmony

​Specializing In

  • Building / Re-building Excellent Foundations

  • Resolving Behavior Challenges

  • Helping/Rehabbing Rescues

  • Troubleshooting Issues

I use Natural, Positive, and at Liberty Training Methods

Establishing Connection, Friendship, and Empathic Leadership through a combination of techniques:

  • Round Penning Reimagined

  • Groundwork for Friendship & Leadership

  • Clicker Training

Holistic Support as part of the training process

I offer the additional support of balancing wellness, and releasing stuck/trapped emotions and trauma patterns through Energy Work and elements of The Masterson Method Bladder Meridian Technique. This helps create an easier training path and greater outcomes. As an Intuitive Animal Communicator and Reiki III Guide, I'm able to foster a deeper connection with horses, unlocking a unique pathway to understanding and addressing their needs.



I've been training horses in my spare time for over 20 years, and it's been a great source of joy for me.

Now, I am 'over the moon' happy and grateful to call it my career.

If you've been feeling a little stuck lately, are looking to expand and deepen your relationship with horses, or would like some guidance for developing/training your horse, I'd love to help.

I invite you to learn more about my approach below, and schedule a session if it feels like a great fit. In any case, I wish you all the best on your journey with horses! The love we hold for them is unmatched.

~ Sally 

My Approach

My style is founded on the building blocks that create an easy and enjoyable pathway with horses of any discipline. At its core is Empathic Leadership coupled with having a Holistic Mindset to support the whole horse, relationship, and journey fully.



I draw from Natural Horsemanship, Liberty Training, and Clicker Training/Positive Reinforcement methods and philosophies, and adapt to each horse and situation as an individual.


Holistic Support

I employ a combination of energy work modalities, including the Masterson Method's Bladder Meridian Technique, Reiki (Usui Level 3), and The Emotion Code.  My focus is releasing held emotions and trauma patterns, and bringing in supportive energies for optimizing holistic balance and wellness throughout the training journey.

Empathic Leadership

Be your horse’s leader. Have strength, hold boundaries, but above all embrace a compassionate, listening, and understanding heart, creating a deeper connection, a shared language, and a resilient relationship one dreams of having with horses. Giving your horse a voice in the relationship. Allowing them to state their opinions and preferences without judgment, all while maintaining your leadership role. Gently in Charge…

This is what empathic leadership means to me.

My philosophy

Most important to me, is that I meet the horse where they are at, in the moment.  For example, for a horse healing from severe trauma, that could mean a session focussed mostly on energetic release and support, with some behavioral training aspects woven in, and all taking place right in their living environment/their pen. A session for a very confident horse with a goal of improved ground manners would be different and would likely start with in-hand or round pen 'conversations'.

I look at the intended outcome, the "goal" for the horse and human, and then intuitively feel into a pathway of supportive steps to move forward. The most basic of foundation steps are the most critical, just as is with building a house; every brick laid in that foundation is important to the entirety of the structure and its future integrity. Foundations of horsemanship, and of relationship building with the horse, are at the core of my philosophy towards training.

What does a Holistic Horse Training Session look like? 

 One or more of the following are involved in my sessions, depending on the horse, situation, environment, and what you are specifically looking for.

Connection-Based Round Penning

I love having “conversations in the round pen” (or a not-so-round pen), free from restraints so the horse can express themself fully. This may look different for each horse, as far as the dance that ensues.  I adapt, I establish leadership, I listen.  


This is a wonderful to create a positive relationship with your horse. It's a two-way conversation, like a dance in a way, where the horse gets an equal say in the relationship. 'Listening' to what their behaviors and subtle body cues are saying, and responding as an Empathic Leader.

Clicker Training

I love how specific the results of this modality can be! Anything from the horse accepting medical treatment with ease, reinforcing the learning of cues, having fun with target training and pushing a big arena toy ball around, or teaching tricks like the bow. 

Holistic Support

I often do some energy work to clear the way and offer support for the whole horse, setting up for better success and optimal thriving. This is optional, but I highly recommend weaving this into the session(s) as feels best for the horse, situation, and you. :)

Moving forward, an idea of a plan is developed.  In other words, deciding on the best route and what can work best for the horse, but also knowing that sometimes detours occur so always carrying a willingness to be flexible and adjust to the horse and situation along the way.

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