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Video Gallery

This video gallery showcases real-life examples that demonstrate my unique approach to holistic horse training.

Join in and learn more about my philosophy and some wonderful outcomes achieved.

Coaching | Training | Mentoring

Guiding others in developing connection, confidence, and empathic leadership with horses

Munching With Manners

Holistic Horse Training: my core components when working with horses


Conversations in the Round Pen: Not endless circles, but instead a dance of Creating Connection and Establishing Empathic Leadership

Ground Work for Friendship and Leadership: The foundations of Improved Relationships and Realizing Your Dreams and goals together 

Fundamental Concepts


The pathway to connection starts with friendship, and simply being one of their herd. "Be", not always "do".

Empathic Leadership

Always Listening to the horse, with grace, free from judgment, and with leadership rooted in kindness. Watch him move from concern to calm, by allowing him the necessary time, then reinforcing "we are happy and safe" by letting him (by cue) eat some delicious grass. 

Training Outcomes: a few examples of what's possible

Ease of Giving Treatments

Help Putting Away Arena Toys   LOL :)


Clear the Way: Energy Work and Shared Stillness

Click for More: Expanding Possibilities through the clarity and positive approach of Clicker Training


Beyond Words: The quiet power of being present in every moment, in movement as well as in stillness.

Holistic Harmony

Supporting the whole horse on their training journey... mind, body, heart & soul. Let the journey begin!

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