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From building strong foundations to overcoming challenges, these testimonials offer a glimpse into how I help people and horses.   The changes realized go beyond the skills learned.

Connection, empathic leadership, and creating a strong relationship with the horse are what lie at the heart of what I do. 



 "I thought I had the "impossible to load horse," until I met Sally.  Sally is not only extremely knowledgeable but also very intuitive in working with the individual horse in front of her. She is patient in identifying what the "issues" are and creatively problem-solving in a way to help the horse (and Owner) work through these obstacles.​


Her work illustrated that she understands how every horse is unique and that the response can be just as individualized.  I am incredibly grateful for the work she did - she was nothing short of a miracle worker! And yes, she proved that my "impossible to load horse" was not so "impossible" after all!"



"I have loved horses since I was a child, but it wasn’t until I got to be an older human that I had the opportunity to work with them. Inspired by the movie Buck, I asked a co-worker about her horses and she said, “you really have to meet Sally and her horse Romi.”

The Universe really does provide and gave me a special opportunity that day. Sally is this tiny human but she has a giant and gentle presence. Seeing her with horses is incredible. She’s so tuned into them and I think they sense something in her that makes them feel comfortable and calm. They trust her because they recognize that she is a leader who will protect them. They respect her and want to work hard for her."

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Karen & Chas

"After years of being a mom, nurse, and a grownup, I felt the pull to have horses back in my life. I leased a Morgan mare that was a challenge for me. Sally and her horse Romulus were at the same barn. Sally was instrumental in keeping me and my mare together and safe.  


Sally’s gentle teaching manner is insightful, respectful and supportive. She will listen and observe before making suggestions about solving any problem. 


My husband leased Romulus for a time, and was thoroughly taught from the ground up proper horsemanship. He still quotes some of Sally’s training phrases to this day. We both have such respect for Sally, and are grateful to have been gifted with her wisdom and friendship."



"Sally shows awareness to the needs of the rider as well as the horse, and emphasizes the importance of connection and familiarity that the horse and rider have with each other. The way she interacts with both the rider and the horse shows how much she cares for the success of both. 


Sessions with Sally always leave me with a greater understanding of riding, but also leave me feeling a deep connection with the horse."


Ron & Sheila

"Everyone that sees Elmo or works with him always comments on what great manners he has and ground work.  My response is always the same. We owe all to Sally.  She is amazing at what she does and the people that hire her are in for an amazing experience."

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